For Patients


We believe:

1.You have the right to have the best restoration available. Every time you smile, talk and eat, your restoration will be visible and functional.

2.You have the right to have a dentist who practices with clinical excellence. Choosing a dentist who uses a high-end laboratory for restorations, is choosing one who is probably also concerned with excellence in their clinical work.

3.You have the right to know the lab and lab fee portion of your bill. Ask your dentist to tell you the lab fee portion of your estimate or bill. Ask them if they use a high-end custom laboratory and what their cost is. The difference in the total dental fee with getting custom made, natural looking restorations compared to restorations from a lower end production laboratory is a small total percentage. This investment in yourself should be yours to decide upon.

4.You have the right to refuse a poor restoration and insist it be redone or changed (eg. obvious mis-match of color or shape, visible dark-line at the gum). Some patients think that they have to accept whatever the dentist is willing to put in their mouth. If you have paid for a product, it should be done to agreed upon results before you finally accept it.

5.You are worth great work!