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Dentists... help more of your patients
choose high end work!

We think you’ll agree that all patients deserve the best possible aesthetics, fit, and function. Using high end work will help your business as well. Your referrals will increase with the number of patients who proudly show their beautiful dental restorations to friends, family, and colleagues. Excellent clinical work cannot be appreciated fully when covered by a low-quality restoration. But an aesthetic restoration in a confident smile will speak volumes about you and your practice.

Working with your patients to determine their goals for a restoration, you can help them realize that they need a restoration from a high quality dental lab. Many patients don’t realize that they have a choice. When you believe that every patient deserves the best work in his or her mouth, it’s only natural to inform them of the benefits of a custom restoration, including aesthetics, function, and excellence in fit, and how these factors impact chair and anesthesia time. Avoid pre-qualifying patients according to who can or can’t afford the work, and you will often be surprised at
who chooses the higher end option.

A very effective way to encourage patients to choose custom laboratory work is to present two or three different treatment prices with sample photos depending on the lab options you have.  Or you can separate the dental fees from the lab fees for the patient. This process reduces the need to mark up the laboratory fee by a certain set percentage. Instead, by presenting the fees separately, it is possible for the patient to compare laboratory options more clearly. The patient is able to see what the average lab will charge for a restoration compared to what a high end lab will charge, and it becomes simpler to see the benefits to them vs. the difference in cost.

Within the context of the entire procedure, increases in the lab fee will not seem as prohibitive, and your commitment to clinical excellence, providing your patient with the best possible restoration will be highlighted. Once these basic facts are understood, the patient can make an informed choice to spend a little more for excellence even if insurance will not pay the full amount for this long lasting investment.

It’s also necessary to allow patients to visualize what exceptional lab work looks like.
Photos, Web site pictures, and your commendations can help patients choose superior lab work. The photos on our Web site, for example, can be viewed by the patients, family, and friends at their leisure and in the privacy of their homes where they feel no pressure. Show contrasting photos of production lab cases for comparison and you’ve effectively helped patients realize that superior fit and aesthetics are worth spending a little more for. In the end, patients will choose custom restorations when they can see the advantages of excellence and realize that they have a choice.