The Transition

The abutment is the transition between the implant “root” anchored in the bone, and the crown that replaces the missing tooth above the gumline. This component can be fabricated out of a variety of materials:

  1. Zirconia

  2. Plastic (for temporary purposes)

  3. Milled Titanium

  4. Cast gold or

  5. Combination of cast gold and ceramic

The process to fabricate them is also varied, ranging between:

  1. Stock- standardized for broad situations

  2. Custom- made by conventional casting (& veneering if desired) for specific situations

  3. Custom- using computers to aid design & manufacturing (CAD CAM)

We at Next Level Dental have extensive experience in all types & processes of implant abutments from virtually all manufacturers. We not only produce these high quality components for dentists, but for other dental laboratories as well with our state of the art equipment!

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